2004 Awards

Social Work & Social Policy project

Social Work & Social Policy, History

Josephine Allen, Margaret Washington

Develop a web portal to support teaching and research on the history of social welfare development, focusing on African American and New York State. The site will include manuscripts, early journals, narratives, reports, photographs, etc. 10,000 pages of materials to be digitized. Under development at http://digital.library.cornell.edu/s/social/browse.html

German Studies, Theatre, Film & Dance video project

German Studies, Theatre, Film & Dance

David Bathrick, Rainer Stollmann

Digitizing a set of interviews between West German filmmaker Kluge and the East German playwright Muller. Develop a web portal with digital video segments, online bibliography, biographies and 2000 pages of supporting articles, books, etc. Now available at http://muller-kluge.library.cornell.edu/en/


Classics project


Kevin Clinton

Migrating an image collection of ancient Greek inscriptions from the sanctuary of the Mysteries at Eleusis. 800 images to a Luna collection. Now available at http://eleusis.library.cornell.edu/


Law and Africana Studies project

Law, Africana Studies Center

Claire Germain, Muna Ndulo

Digitizing historic materials related to the constitutions and laws of Liberia. 1,500 pages of materials to be digitized. Now available at http://dlxs.library.cornell.edu/l/liberian/

Regmi Research Series

Anthropology, Asian Studies

David Holmberg, Kathryn March, Mark Turin

Digitizing Regmi Research Series, which translates most important historic documents pertaining to Nepal's law, government, society, and politics. 4,300 pages of materials to be digitized. Now available at http://dlxs.library.cornell.edu/r/regmi/


Anthropological research project


Billie Jean Isbell, David Holmberg

40-year accumulation of slides and photographs of anthropological research from Andes of Peru. 3,000 items to be digitized to a Luna collection. Now available at http://isbellandes.library.cornell.edu/


Knight Visual Resources Facility slide project


Bonnie MacDougall

Digitizing the MacDougall slide collection from the Knight Visual Resources Facility. Focus on Indian architecture and its interpretation. 3,500 items to be digitized to a Luna collection. Now available at http://beyondthetaj.library.cornell.edu/


Near Eastern Studies

Near Eastern Studies

David Owen

Creation of a web delivery platform for Professor Owen's existing cuneiform tablet collection to archive and make the collection accessible to the world. Also included is digitization assistance to support the continuation of the scanning portion of the project. Now available at http://cuneiform.library.cornell.edu/


Business and Entrepreneurship video collection database project

Applied Economics and Management, Textiles and Apparel, Design & Environmental Analysis

Deborah Streeter, Suzanne Loker, Sheila Danko

Support the development of the Digital Video Clips on Business and Entrepreneurship database. Now available at http://eclips.cornell.edu/


Prservation News project

City and Regional Planning, Historic Preservation

Michael Tomlan, Allyson Stoll

Digitizing the Preservation News, which represents a comprehensive history of public undertaking of the National Trust. 4,000 pages of materials to be digitized. Now available at http://newspapers.library.cornell.edu/collect/PRN/


Friend of Man project


Margaret Washington

Digitizing the Friend of Man (microfilm copy of 280 issues), one of the most significant and little studied newspapers documenting the early anti-slavery and other reform movements. 1,300 pages of materials to be digitized. Now availalbe at http://newspapers.library.cornell.edu/collect/FOM/

See profile article: Rare abolitionist newspaper now available to scholars worldwide, Cornell Chronicle April 26, 2007


Renaissance Spanish choirbooks project

Music, Institute of European Studies, Society for the Humanities

Neal Zaslaw, Davydd Greenwood, Visiting Scholar Michael Noone

Planning grant to preserve and digitize a unique collection of Renaissance Spanish choirbooks from the archives of the cathedral of Toledo, Spain. They are envisioning such a project to enhance the academic programs at Cornell, especially Iberian studies and Musicology.