2005 Awards

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Institute for Resource Information Systems, Landscape Architecture, City & Regional Planning, Crop & Soil Sciences

Eugenia M. Barnaba, Kathryn Gleason, Michael Tomlan, Stephen DeGloria

New York State Aerial Photographs - expand, enhance and encourage the use of historic aerial photographic data by provision of electronic imagery accessible through a web server. A rudimentary, prototype web interface has been created with the intention of allowing users to view and download multi-year imagery for their area of interest, as well as the establishment of a management system for storing, retrieving and archiving the data. Currently contains 600 historic aerial photographs in a pilot for Tompkins County. Digitize additional 2,500 photos and enhance delivery platform from existing prototype. Now available at http://aerial-ny.library.cornell.edu/ny/


History of the Left

Romance Studies

Bruno Bosteels

"The History of the Left in the Twentieth Century" and covers mostly textual data: out-of-print or hard-to-find journals, pamphlets, and books from left-wing intellectual, artistic, political, and literary circles. Journals include Los Libros (Argentina) and La Cultura en Mexico. Primarily text digitization and portal development ~4,000 pages. Now available at http://izquierda.library.cornell.edu/




Holly Case

East-Central Europe Primary Sources - at the core of this project is a collection of unique samizdat (self-published) primary source materials from Wroclaw on the Polish Solidarity movement owned by CUL. http://www.library.cornell.edu/colldev/slav/solidarityhome.html
Primarily text digitization and DLXS integration of materials ~10,000 pages. Expected completion - Winter 2008


KMODDL literature

German Studies, Mechanical Engineering

Wolf Kittler, Francis Moon

KMODDL - monographs focusing on critical historiography of science and technology - digitize a selection of books and short texts on the history and theory of machines to support “mechanical” scholarship in the humanities. http://kmoddl.library.cornell.edu/ Text digitization and integration into existing KMODDL site ~5,000 pages.


East Asia Book Series

East Asia Program

Thomas Lyons

Cornell East Asia Book Series - digitize 20 discontinued monograph titles. Mostly scholarly monographs, cover a broad range of topics, form historical and literary translations to modern economic analysis. Text digitization and DLXS delivery platform ~5,000 pages. Now available at http://ceas.library.cornell.edu/



Medieval Philosophy and Theology journal


Scott MacDonald

Medieval Philosophy and Theology - digitize 10 years of back issues and set up as open access via DPubS. Text digitization and DPubS delivery platform for open-access journals~2,500 pages http://cip.cornell.edu/mpat

See profile article: Scholarly journal Medieval Philosophy and Theology finds an online home at Cornell, Cornell Chronicle April 26, 2007


Rockefeller/NVR Fellowship

Comparative Literature and English

Tim Murray

Paper archives of the annual Rockefeller/NVR new media art fellowship competition - digitizing approximately 100 folders of application and dossier materials. Text and image digitization and portal development ~3500 text pages and 100 slides. http://goldsen.library.cornell.edu/special/renew.php



Southeast Asia Program Publications

Art History, History, Asian Studies

Stanley J. O'Connor, Tamara Loos, Keith Taylor

Southeast Asia Program publications – digitize SEAP back-catalog Data Papers series publications for open-access. Established in 1950 and numbers approximately 120 titles. Text digitization and DLXS delivery platform ~17,000 pages. Now available at http://seapdatapapers.library.cornell.edu/



Albany Commissioners of Indian Affairs, 1723-1755


Jon Parmenter

Albany Commissioners of Indian Affairs, 1723-1755, body of primary materials detailing relations between the Six Iroquois Nations and the Anglo-American colonies (principally New York). Digitize the microfilmed copy, held at National Archives of Canada Microfilm digitization of manuscripts with transcriptions~2000 folio pages. Beta site will be available Fall 2009


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