Digital Consulting & Production Services

Arts & Sciences Teaching Digitization

Listed turnaround times or scanning services may be slower than usual due to limited onsite staffing during this time. Please email dcaps@cornell.edu for current capacity.

In addition to the grants program, Cornell University Library supports the digitization of various material types to support instructors in the College of Arts and Sciences. This includes metadata creation and online delivery of images and other visual resources. This is a free service to the College faculty and researcher, and aims to support the teaching mission.

Arts and Sciences instructors wishing to digitize their material can fill out the online request form. When necessary, please flag all images throughout books using the Instructor Slips (.doc).

Turnaround times

The rough turnaround time for images is:

  • 1-100 images: within 2 weeks
  • 101-500 images: 3-5 weeks
  • 500+ images: within 3 months

Rush orders of less than 5 images can be processed by the end of the following business day and delivered on physical media or by FTP.

Material should be delivered to Olin Library room 237, or Library staff can retrieve material from faculty upon request.

For more information, please contact us at dcaps@cornell.edu.

*For audiovisual materials, please contact Course Reserves at okureserve@cornell.edu, or see the Course Reserves Media Digitization Request Form.