Digital Consulting & Production Services

Digitization request form

To request digitization or a cost estimate, please review our turnaround times and submit the form below.


  • Standard: $65/hour for image/text-based materials; $75/hour for audiovisual materials
  • Rush: 1.5x standard rates

Text and Images

# of images Turnaround
1-100 Within 3 weeks
101-500 4-6 weeks
501-2000 Within 3-6 months
2000+ Inquire for cost estimate
Rush orders of 1000 images or less* 2-3 weeks
  • A&S Teaching Digitization patrons only: Rush orders of 1-5 images can be processed by the end of the following business day and delivered by FTP.
  • *For larger rush orders, inquire for a cost estimate.


# of items Turnaround
1-3 2 weeks (in-house)
4-20 4-8 weeks (in-house)
21 and above items Inquire for a cost estimate
  • Note: Outsourced formats like film, digital video tape, HD formats, and grooved media have a 6-8 week minimum turnaround time, regardless of item count. We primarily support audiovisual content on older, fragile formats. We do not support readily available and published material.
  • Rush orders require a cost estimate.