Digital Consulting & Production Services

Arts and Sciences Visual Resources Advisory Group



  • Tre Berney (Cornell University Library)


  • Annetta Alexandridis (History of Art)
  • Edward E. Baptist (History)
  • Bonna Boettcher (Library/Music)
  • Sturt Manning (Classics and CIAMS)
  • Lauren Monroe (Near Eastern Studies)
  • Verity Platt (Classics and History of Art)
  • Lucinda Ramberg (Anthropology)
  • Samantha Zacher (English)


Since a decision was made to close the Knight Visual Resources Facility, the College of Arts and Sciences and the Cornell University Library (CUL) have been collaborating to develop a plan for meeting the digitization needs of Arts and Sciences faculty. To this end, one of the programs involves establishing a competitive digital collections grants program to encourage and support collaborative and creative use of visual resources through the creation of digital content of enduring value to the Cornell community and scholarship at large. The goal of the advisory group will be to develop and oversee such a grants program as well as continuing to assess and address the needs in order to create a usable and sustainable digitization service that meets the faculty's current and emerging needs.