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Akwe:kon Press Collection

Jolene Rickard, History of Art and American Indian & Indigenous Studies Program (AIISP)
Urszula Piasta-Mansfield, AIISP
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Arts & Sciences

This project will digitize the entire publication of the Akwe:kon Press (1984-2002), a Cornell University and American Indian Program (AIP) initiated press that garnered the attention of Indigenous and human rights scholars. The Akwe:kon Press was authored by the first generation of Indigenous scholars with direct access and responsibility to the ongoing formation of Indigenous survivance and was one of the only sources in North America that provided this perspective. The digitization of the Akwe:kon Press will fill an acknowledged gap in the representation of the “voice of Indigenous peoples” in the 20th century, including  an invaluable photographic record that constitutes, in combination with the political context, the single most important archive of the “resurgence” of Indigenous peoples in the Americas. The Akwe:kon Press bridged “grass-roots” Indigenous consciousness and political action with an emergent Indigenous intellectual community. It represented an early demonstration of the research protocols now considered canonical in the field of Native American and Indigenous Studies. Making this publication available digitally creates the potential to filter Indigenous voices and perspectives that make up this journal back to Indigenous communities, as well as to the scholarly communities, in an effort to add this critical Indigenous analytical lens.